Tales of Live & Leave

Leave thinks only with the heart and he is emotionally driven by society
Live feels with heart and thinks with the mind he is well balanced and sensible these tales are all about how Live transforms Leave.

Chapter 1: Stepping out from Knowledge to stepping in wisdom.

Leave gets frustrated with his life and doesn’t know what to do is it good or bad he is not able to decide and a lot of confusion always runs in his mind, living life for standards of the society is unbearable for him.

Leave tried many personality development programs but it makes him more confused.

One day Leave decided to leave his place and want to go far away from the surrounding people to know the truth of life about what is what, and he tried to convince everybody around him and many of them don’t even care about what he was saying and some of them don’t understand what he was saying and few of them make fun out of him then he decided to don’t tell anyone about his problem and that is no use because the society is cultivated by the society for centuries.

Then Leave went straight away to his parents and told that I want to leave this place I want to live peacefully away from the people then his parents asked him what will you do for living without a college degree then Leave gave a quick reply that he will work in a gas station or as daily labor by this answer a bolt of a sudden lightning struck in their heads they don’t understand what he was saying because they were also cultivated by the society any way he decided to leave with or without their support.

While leaving the house he said to his parents that never expect me from anything for society’s sake, treat me like a dog a pet dog. Don’t think of me to bring pride, fame, glory or me to be wealthy and successful, so please treat me like a dog and stop thinking of me to carry your legacy followed by my children because people love their pets unconditionally without expecting anything in return then his father understood what he was saying and said do as you like and don’t regret making this decision.

He left home with a couple of cloths and a laptop he was thinking of where to go and what to do then he went to Varanasi.

Leave traveled from Varanasi to Rishikesh where he met a person who changed his perception about life and his name is Live.
To be continued…