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Writoscope Community is a free online club for everyone who loves to read and write. There are tons of awesome features specifically designed for the ones who wants to discover the literary world of books and stories. Here is what you need to know before you start

What is this portal
Writoscope Community is a totally free online discussion platform specifically for readers and writers. If you love to read books or anything. If you love to write essays, short stories or even quotes, this is for you. If you are an author or wanna-be author, this place is definitely for you to share your work, get feedback and connect to the audience directly.

Who is it for?
Book Lovers: Book lovers can share and find book reviews and recommendations. Share their opinions about a specific book. Discuss about what they love reading and ask questions to fellow members. Did you recently watch a movie based on a book you read, have some thoughts? We have a dedicated section Movies vs Books to discuss such topics.

Writers: Writers can find place to discuss about writing. Users interested in writing can share their write ups, essays, short stories and ask for feedbacks and ideas.

The community is for anyone who likes to
Be social with like-minded people who shares a similar interest with you

What can you find here?
You can browse our different sections like Book Reviews, Writing, Essays Writeups and Short Stories, Movies vs books, Poetry. If you can’t find something you love to have here, leave us a suggestion in the Site feedback category and we’ll work on your suggestions.

Where can you read more (links, resources, etc)?
We have a whole separate blog for the love of reading an writing. You can browse the blog to see if something interests you.

Can I contribute?
Do you have any quality work apart from discussions to share? Anything on short story, creative writing, essays, writeups and book reviews. Post a topic in the community and add a consent at the end of your article.

I give my consent to moderators of Writoscope Community to publish this article to Writoscope Blog
If your article fits into our criteria and quality checks, we’ll love to share it to our blog with proper credits to the author. Or you can email to

Signup if you haven’t signed up yet or if send us an email to in case of any questions, queries or feedback.

Next Step
We strongly recommend to go visit our FAQ/Guidelines/Community Rules to read the basic community rules you need to know.

Moreover, please read Terms and condition and Privacy Policy before using the portal.


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