How to rate a book - My book rating system

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I’ve been reading since my childhood but never rated any books until I signed up for a Goodreads account. I used to categorize them into my-favourites, satisfactory and give-them-away type. When I started using Goodreads, I got a chance to rate a book between 1 to 5 stars. Initially, I used to do it without…

I have been entering and judging Romance Novel book contests for three years.

85% of the contests prove that no one can rate some one else’s book. I have been given comments and ridiculously low scores on a book I didn’t even write, leaving me to believe the judge was just uninterested and didn’t care if she got the score to the right Author.

I believe there should be metrics than can be quantified 1-10.

Does the Author’s book blurb explain the book concisely?
If the 500-word blurb goes on like a Sunday Sermon, do I want to read the book?

Does the Author use vocabulary that fits the genre/era/setting/character?
Especially important in world-building Paranormal, Science Fiction worlds.

Does the pace keep you turning the pages?
Am I looking for a place to stop, or do I just close it?

Is the writing so slim that all you see is the trope?
Are the characters richly drawn?

Do you see the end or are you mystified?

These are a few of the things that come to me in fairly judging books in contests.