How to know if a book is trying to manipulate you?


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Reading can change your life but reading good books improves your life. All the books which have the potential to impact the life of a reader can be considered sensitive. Because impact can be positive or negative. Just reading anything without even knowing can have adverse effects. There are few genres of books which are…

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Hi there!
Firstly, the title of your blog was enough to catch my attention.
Secondly, you have again managed to give a clear message through your writing, for which I really follow your blogs.
Thirdly, the points mentioned are fair enough to guide the readers from blindly following any author’s preach.
Lastly, there is one thing I would like to question here, you have mentioned in your first point about ‘reading from multiple sources’ . Don’t you think reading about something from various corners can create confusion in reader’s mind than getting clarity on that particular subject?


Excellent blog.
Almost every point is covered in this blog. one of my favorite point is “Do not accept proverbs as justification”. this is the point i usually think about. people just want to manipulate us just by there way of talking, but that’s not fair. keep guiding us.

thank you


@Gargi Yes, there will be confusion in beginning but as they say “Clarity comes from confusion and doubts” If something is confusing you or making you doubt, you’ll know that something is wrong and try to dig deeper in the topic. Reading multiple books will allow you to understand things which don’t fit together and you’ll be able to make sense between the facts and opinion disguised as facts.
@kamboj0172 Thank you. Also let me know if you think of any other point from your experience and I’ll include that in my post to help others.


@Sachin that make sense to me now. Thanks for the clarity.

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