Ebooks vs Printed books: 7 reasons one is better than other

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Ebooks vs printed books. In this article we talk about 7 reasons printed books are better than ebooks and 7 reasons ebooks are better than printed books. Here we discuss pros and cons of both sides, usability factors, ease of reading and carrying books, economical and emotional factors related to reading books.

Hi. I read your blog & found it useful. Though I have read two books on kindle but my experience with Ereading is not that good. I enjoy it more when I have a paperback / printed book in my hand. For me, the touch and feel of those printed pages increases the interest in reading than tiring your eyes focussing hours on screen.

I agree with the point that touch and feel of a paperback is a significant supporting point for paperbacks. Though, when we talk about the eye strain, amazon kindle uses eink technology where they specifically emphasize that readers with eink technology doesn’t put much strain on eyes even with hours of reading. If you are using paperwhite version of kindle, next time, try reading on that in natural light with inbuilt light turned off.

A useful suggestion that is! Will keep that in mind while using Kindle again. Though I still stand by my point that I find printed book reading more interesting and engaging.

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It can also save trees by making humans produce less paper!

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I am a fan of ebooks. And I will always be. I have three copies of Kindle tablet and an ipad air. I read avidly with those devices. You’ve mentioned some of the advantages of ebooks. I need to add that when you purchase them, they are available in the cloud. Some of the interesting printed books I bought during my college years I can no longer find. People borrow printed books and will not return. But not ebooks. Once you purchase, they are yours for ever. And you can read across all your devices. And with sites like BookBub and BookLending.com, I have enough free books to last me a lifetime. I am for ebooks anytime.

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